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About the platform

The Booking Authority takes care of your online appointments. Within a few steps you and your company are ready to receive appointments fully automated

  • Configuration of offered services
  • Control over working days and times
  • Scalable from employee to organisation

No cure, no pay. We guarantee your success. If The Booking Authority is not the solution for you, it will not cost you a penny.

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Online Appointments

Receive online appointments tailored to your needs.

Agenda management

Schedule appointments yourself via the simple online agenda.

Lead generation

Benefit from improved online visibility at our expense.


The Booking Authority promises to bring the booking industry to tomorrow. Stay tuned...


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The Booking Authority offers you the no-cure, no-pay model.


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  • Everything from the No cure = No pay package
  • Tailor made pricing
  • Custom extensions
  • Invoice generation

Frequent Questions

How do you handle our customers' privacy?

We use the latest encryption technology to protect your customers' data. In addition, we automatically delete customers who have not made any appointments for a long time.

If I register, am I then tied to you?

No, you are completely free to use our services. We work with a no-cure no-pay model which means you only pay for the benefits you get from the system. You do not receive any appointments? Then you don't pay, it's that simple.

You say I can sign up for free, but I do need to pay to start receiving appointments right?

No! You can sign up and start receiving appointments for free, no strings attached. We give you a generous welcome bonus so you can start receiving appointments without providing us with any payment details whatsoever.

I am currently using Outlook to manage my appointments, how do you handle this?

You can link your Outlook calendar to your The Booking authority calendar to automatically synchronise reservations from your Outlook calendar. In addition, you will receive an e-mail notification with an appointment function for each appointment. This allows you to easily add appointments to your Outlook calendar. It is recommended to use The Booking authority calendar as primary appointment calendar.

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The Booking Authority

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